Sunday, September 4, 2011

spin and marty

As my 1st pop culture activity this semester, I watched a youtube clip of "Spin and Marty," a serial that was on the original Mickey Mouse Club. I was quite enamored of Spin as a child, and I was interested to see that I still prefer Spin (Tim Considine) to Marty (David Stollery). It's obvious watching this now that "Spin and Marty" was supposed to appeal to boys (the clip I watched centered on a boxing match, with Spin heavily favored to win). All the characters were boys or men, including the cook at the dude ranch where the whole deal takes place.
Tim Considine looks noble and troubled throughout the scene, which I believe was his default demeanor, not only in S and M, but also later, in My Three Sons, where he was the eldest son. Marty looks snooty and petulant (I'd forgotten that he, the outsider rich kid, brought a butler along with him).  I'm not eally sure what to make of my youthful passion for this show. Did I want to live on a dude ranch? Did I want to be a boy? I liked the Hardy Boys books better than Nancy Drew, even if she did have a cool car, so who knows.